The Cheetah is Avian’s latest topless performance wing; it is the
result of extensive research, development and competition test flying.
Maximum enjoyment is what it's all about. As a result Avian spent a
great deal of time developing the handling of the Cheetah.
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The Java is an advanced sports wing that is so easy to fly. The Java
offers an excellent blend of performance, handling and lightweight.
It's superb response in thermals offers maximum climbing ability and
it's light pitch forces, high attainable speeds offer go-anywhere gliding.
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The new Rio is the latest sports glider from Avian. The Rio was designed
as a glider to appeal to all pilots, it is a popular choice for newly quali-
fied pilots, recreational pilots and powered flight. The Rio is light and
easy to take off and land whilst having performance for cross country.
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