Laminar Z8
The 2006 model is at its 8th evolution grade. The Laminar Z8 has
an excellent handling, its performance is better and it is very safe;
in other words, we offer you a high-tech, high-performance glider that
is as safe as it can be, consistent with nowadays technology.
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The New Icaro Orbiter is an advanced intermediate glider.
Designed with a king post, it is relatively light weight,
has predictable handling characteristics and is well made.
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The Easy is the right choice for Pilots who enjoy a light, stable
and easy to handle glider. Who are looking to get more flight hours
in order to gain the experience to become advanced rated pilot. Who
don't need a competition glider and prefer a simple approach to flying.
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The Relax is expressly designed for beginners, widely used by schools.
This glider is one of the easiest to fly gliders on the market. It is very
lightweight and easy to handle, the model 16 is just 23 kg (46.5 lb)
Beautiful craftsmanship and a modern design with a mylar leading edge
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Bip 2
The Bip 2 characteristic is easy, light handling, an overall safe tandem
glider with improved performance compared with existing tandems.
A tandem and/or a solo glider for heavier pilots. In the DHV test the
glider achieved a max. take-off weight of 199 kg
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