The WILDCAT is the new Allrounder of ICARO paragliders.
It is a simply to be flown paraglider class EN B/ LTF B
which fulfils the high security standards and offers according to performance
a lot of elbowroom on long distance flights.
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Cyber 2 (DHV 1)
The Cyber 2 was designed to give maximum safety and stability to inspire
confidence in new pilots whilst retaining ample flight agility to satisfy the
advancing pilot. All of this from a manufacturer of renown quality and at an
affordable price. See the review in Skywings August 2004.
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Force (DHV 1-2)
The Force is an agile fun wing with outstanding launching and thermalling
Its performance is at the top end of the DHV 1-2 category.
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Ice (DHV 2)
The Ice is designed for experienced, performance class pilots who fly very
often and want high performance and dynamic handling without leaving the
safety of the DHV 2 class. Handling of the Ice is direct, dynamic and well
balanced. See the review in Cross Country May/June 2004.
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The Cidan is the latest uncertified competition wing from Icaro.
Available in both ACRO and XC setups this glider is only for the very top

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The Incanto is the favirite for every pilot who wants to try a new DHV 1-2
glider in 2006.

Because of the great demand, Icaro i now working on the sizes XS and S.

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