Metamorfosi Conar
The Metamorfosi Conar is probably the best reserve parachute that
money can buy, that's why top international pilots such as
Manfred Ruhmer and Robbie Whittall use them.
The Metamorfosi Conar reserve parachutes are suitable for both
Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots.
The key features are:
• Pulled-down apex: the pulled-down apex reduces sink rate and opening time.
• Reversed Apex Cone: increases stability and reduces sink rate by 20% and opening time by 10%.
• Reduced surface area: the smaller area required increases deployment speed and reduces packed size.
• Premium quality construction and materials: parachute-grade Nylon canopy, Kevlar canopy structure.
• Vtab reinforcement of suspension line attachment.

  Name Size Gores Sq m Price (inc VAT)
  Conar 16 16 22 419
  Conar 18 18 28 472
  Conar 20 20 28 524
  Conar 22 22 42 577

Kevlar heat resistant bridle for power 18.50 (as option on new parachute.)
Outer containers, inner containers, replacement bridles etc all available.    More !