A-I-R Atos
The A-I-R Atos range are by far the most successful and popular rigid wing
hang gliders in the World. They bring a massive performance improvement
over flex wing hang gliders. There are now many models available, all designed
by Felix Ruhle.

All A-I-R gliders are now supplied with a V tail plane. This has been a break-
through in improved safety both in pitch damping and spin resistance.
Many pilots now consider it foolish to fly without a tail plane. Felix, Christoph
and the ATOS team have produced some truly amazing aircraft. Easy to rig,
easy to fly, the best performance and easy to land;
Now wonder these gliders are totally dominant in their class.
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The Icaro Stratos is Icaro's version of the ATOS. The Stratos uses the
same airframe as the ATOS but it has a slighlty different sail cut with a
different position of the undersurface stripe. The most striking visual
difference, however, is the sharper wing tip. This give the Stratos a slightly
larger wing span than the ATOS. The Stratos, flown by Christian Chech has
won two world championships. It is available in S and L sizes.
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