Icaro Laminar Bip 2

Bip 2

Just like the rest of the Laminar Easy series, the Laminar Easy 20 or Laminar BIP (Biposto Italian for 'two seater') has been developed by the World and European Champion Manfred Ruhmer, sail development has been carried out by Pause Segel.
The aim was to produce an easy, light handling, overall safe tandem glider with a decisive improvement in performance regarding the already existing tandems in the market.
This glider has been released as a tandem and/or a solo glider for heavier pilots. In the DHV test the glider achieved a max. take-off weight of 199 kg.
Some pilots have reported that you do not need to weigh 150 kg in order to fly the BIP 2 on your own, a 78 kg pilot could fly the glider solo.

Icaro Laminar Bip 2
Wing area 226 sq.ft 21 sq.m
Wing span 36,74 ft 11,2 m
Nose angle 127°
Aspect ratio 5
Double surface 80%
Battens 19 upper + 4 lower
Weight 37,5 kg
Pilot clip-in weight 115/200 kg 440 lb
Packing bag length 5,6 kg 440 lb
Short packed length 4 m

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