Avian Cheetah 150

Cheetah 150

The Cheetah is Avian’s latest topless performance wing, it is the result of extensive research, development and competition test flying. Maximum enjoyment is what it's all about. As a result Avian spent a great deal of time developing the handling of the Cheetah. The glider is easy to take off and superb to thermal and fly.
Its VB. has a large range and is especially easy to operate. The combination of easy predictable handling, wide flare window, superb sink rate and excellent glide make this glider suitable for experienced club pilots and competition pilots alike. The Cheetah has full BHPA certification.

Wing span 33' 3" 10.14 m
Wing span + wing tip fairings 34' 2" 10.4 m
Wing area 156ft² 14.5 m²
Aspect ratio 7.5
Min sink rate 170ft/min 0.86m/s
Max. L/D ratio 15.3 (Dependent on Harness etc.)
Speed range* 15 - 70 mph. 24 - 113 km/h
Max. speed (VNE turbulent air) 45mph 72km/h
Max speed (VNE smooth air) 70mph 113km/h
Normal packed length 19' 4" 5.9m
Pilot Clip in weight 176 lbs to 242 lbs 80 kg to110 kg
Breakdown length 15' 2" 4.6m
Glider weight rigged 77 lbs. 35 Kg
Glider weight in bag 81 lbs. 37 Kg

*Speeds measured using Brauniger Comp - GPS vario-ASI system.
VNE Velocity Never Exceed.

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