Introductions for makes of hang glider:

Avian Hang Gliders are characterised by their unique semi flex tips. These combine the performance advantages of the flex tip but are easier to rig and give longer sail life.

Avian's attention to detail and engineering brings class leading weight and strength and produces very long lasting gliders. These gliders not only perform extremely well but are very user friendly resulting in a very good safety record.

• Leading edge: Semi Flex tip.
• Built in UK
• Certification Status: All production models have BHPA certification.
• Notes: All models Rig Flat.

Icaro hang gliders are best know for their flex tip Laminar. Current world record holder, World Champion and European champion there are few competitions that the Laminar hasn't won.

• Leading edge: Flex tip design.
• Built in Italy.
• Certification Status: most models have DHV certification.
• Notes: Fantastic competition record.

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